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Everything you Need For Your Perfect Puppy Shopping List


Everything you Need For Your Perfect Puppy Shopping List

When you are about to get a new puppy, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should get them. After all, many puppies can be quite destructive and so you often don’t want to spend a fortune on beds and dog toys until they are a little older and better trained. So, we have put together a great and useful guide on what you should consider choosing for your little pup.


New Puppy Shopping List

First Puppy Bed 

Their first bed should not be too expensive, as accidents are bound to happen, but it should still be supportive, cosy, and settling, so that it feels just like a lovely and comfortable nest. Puppies need to feel safe and protected, so a bed that encapsulates all of this is very important. One of the best puppy beds is the My First Bed by Danish design. This is a cosy sherpa fleece design with an inner ring that isn not only perfect for puppies to snuggle into, but can also be removed as puppy grows so it will last beyond the first couple of weeks.

We have also designed our very own Puppy Crate Bed that fits in exactly one half of your puppy's crate. When puppy has grown, is toilet trained and you've swapped this small bed for a full crate set, you can use this bed around the house as a stand-alone dog bed. Its made of cosy sherpa fleece and come in a choice of of our most popular printed cottons to match your crate set.

My first bed with a puppy cockapoo sitting inside   puppy half crate bed


Puppy Food & Water Bowls

Feeding your puppy is an important part of your puppies routine. Having at two bowls for food and water is a must, you might even buy a third so you have separate bowls for dry and wet food. We'd also suggest buying your puppy a travel bowl such as our Beco travel bowl. These handy, pop-up bowls are the ideal travel companion, even for short journeys, so your pup always has somewhere to drink on the move. 


The Best Toys

Kong toys are tough and durable, which makes them perfect for puppies who are teething. You can also fill them with treats to keep them entertained for long periods of time, and due to their tough build, they are likely to last much longer than most others.


Plush toys are perfect for dogs who like toys that are soft and cuddly, and carrying breeds are sure to be very fond of this toy. If you pair this with a few other soft toys and a toy box, your puppy will never get bored. Switching toys out regularly keeps them stimulated and entertained after all.

puppy KONG toy for chewing funbeco hoop on a rope dog and puppy toy for throwing and tuggingLittle buddy warm bear - puppy toy


Puppy Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Lead training sone of the most important parts of a puppy's development. It might not be the first thing they learn, but its important to have the accessories ready for when the day comes for their first trip outside. Some our favourite walking accessories are those by Ruffwear. Ruffwear make super durable, practical walking accessories in a range of stylish colours. One of the best starter harnesses is the Hi & Light harness which we love for puppy lead training. It comes in sizes small enough for the smallest chihuahua and offers all the comfort and support your puppy needs when they're learning to walk on a lead. Check out the matching Hoopie collars and Front Range leads as well as the larger Front Range harness for when they grow up!

Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness  Ruffwear Hoopie dog collar in the colour Monument ValleyRuffwear Front Range Harness in campfire orange


Puppy Grooming & Shampoos

Puppies are bound to get mucky sooner or later, and so being prepared is important. Drying Mitts will help to get them clean and dry quickly, saving you a good deal of time and effort – which is perfect for the muddy autumn and winter months. Animology clean sheets are also a great way to keep them clean, but baby wipes work just as well if you find that you have run out.

cockapoo puppy sitting in a Belfast sink next to his Animology puppy love shampoo - waiting for bath time mutts and hounds dual sided brush  mutts & hounds drying mitts


Puppy Crate Training - Helping Puppy Feeling Safe

Your puppy needs to feel safe, and that is why so many of them love being in a crate. If your pup loves their crate, then getting a crate cover can help to enforce the safe feeling of being in a cave that they are instinctively searching for. The oilcloth crate covers that we make, perfectly combine practicality and good aesthetics and are ideal for puppies as they can easily be wiped down. So, both the puppy and the human benefit.


honey bee print crate cover for a dog crate - miniature dachshund sitting inside his crate with bedding and crate by Lords & Labradors  Puppies lying in their dog crate furnished with lords and labradors crate bedding and crate cover.


Puppy Training Treats

Puppy treats are a great way of encouraging good behaviour and training in general. They can be used to help crate training as well as teaching command. There are a whole variety of puppy treats to choose from, but we would suggest choosing a healthy treat option such as the Puppy Development Treats by Pooch & Mutt or the Training Treats by Lily's Kitchen.

puppy development treats by pooch and mutttraining treats by Lily's Kitchen for dogs and puppies Billy + Margot Training Treats


Creating Your List

Of course, the list in this article is a general one filled with our top suggestions. Every puppy is different, and this list might not be quite right for them. If you would like us to put together a personalised shopping list for your puppy, make sure you give us a call or use our live chat services. We are always happy to help and can’t wait to help you choose the best products for your pup.

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