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How to groom a dog


How to groom a dog

Whether you’d like to support your dog’s hygiene, cut down the cost of visiting your professional groomer, or if you’d like to learn something new - It’s really useful to know how to groom your dog, even if you do take them to a professional groomers for a regular groom.

In this article, we explore how to groom your dog at home and what are the basics of grooming you should know to support your dogs hygiene.

How to groom a dog at home

Grooming your dog at home can provide positive benefits with your pooch, the bonding and time spent together will be invaluable to your dog. With the world effected by COVID-19, you may have found you’re spending more time indoors with your dog and periods of isolation/lockdowns may mean you’re unable to visit your professional groomer. Firstly on your list of ‘grooming your dog from home’ should be the correct equipment.


Grooming can be done anywhere in your home, however do choose a surface where your dog cannot slip and ensure they have space to take themselves off if they’ve had enough.

A good method to follow generally is:


  • To begin with, try brushing your dog, removing the dead hair and clearing out all of the mud/grease build up. (It’s better to brush the dirt out before bathing your dog)
  • Bathe and wash your dog in warm water with the correct shampoo for their coat.
  • Dry your dog off with a towel or drying bag/coat. (This might be a good time to give your dog a break from the grooming)
  • Once your dog is fully dry and clean, you can move onto cutting their fur. Be very careful when using scissors, and make sure you’re using the correct scissors - it’s not advisable to use your old kitchen scissors.
  • You can then move onto trimming your dog’s nails with a clipper. Always close the clippers quickly; clipping slowly or using dull clippers can cause chipping and splitting.
  • Don’t forget to check your dogs paws and wash their eyes, ears and teeth.
  • You may want to finish with some gorgeous smelling cologne.


How to groom a dog's legs 

It’s important to make sure you have brushed/combed their legs before cutting any fur. If your dog is used to being groomed, you may find they’re happy for you to use clippers on them. If they’re not used to being groomed, it’s best to gently place the clippers against your dog’s skin so he can hear and feel the vibration. Only use the tips of the sharp shears to trim your dogs feet and legs, which will prevent you from cutting your dog if he moves suddenly. Start slow with clippers and move in opposite directions, except in sensitive areas such as kneecaps and ankles or elbows.


How to groom a dog's head

Firstly, spend time letting your dog get used to the tools you’re going to use on his face. Use only sharp scissors as blunt scissors will painfully rip your pup’s fur out. It’s important to only cut your dogs fur whilst it’s dry as wet fur will damage and jam up the scissors. Stay calm throughout cutting your dogs head so he stays calm and relaxed throughout.


How to comb your dog's hair

It’s important to brush down and out, away from your dog’s skin, and only whilst the coat is dry. Always brush in the direction the coat grows; your dog won’t like to be brushed backwards. Be gentle whilst brushing or you may damage your dog’s coat by pulling and stretching hairs until they break.


How to comb out matted hair on dogs

If your dog has a knot/matt in their fur, try combing the matt out by holding the fur below the tangle and gently separate into smaller pieces. Use short, fast strokes with a comb and then with a brush. This way there is less pulling on their skin (which can be painful!).

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