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Natural Pet Remedies For Everyday Maladies


Natural Pet Remedies For Everyday Maladies

We all want the very best for our pets. That doesn’t just mean buying them the most comfortable bed or fanciest collar, but also goes for their daily health too. Whether it’s a dry nose, a nervous disposition or sore paws, finding the right remedy is an important consideration. Here we take a look at some natural pet remedies for everyday maladies including a couple of things you might find around the home…


Bad Breath

Does your dog suffer from bad breath? After a quick trip to the vet to rule out any serious dental issues, try a drop or two of peppermint or spearmint oil in your dog’s water bowl to freshen up his breath.


You could use our Pooch & Mutt Fresh Breath treats as a reward for good behaviour or as a training aid. With peppermint in the ingredients which helps digestion as well as freshens breath.
 laughing dog wheat tree baked dental oaties

​​​​Skin Issues or Dry Coat

If your dog’s coat is looking dry then they may need a boost of Omega 3 to help restore the natural oils. Look for human grade omega 3 products tested to be free of any toxins and check with your Vet for the best dosage. You could also look for dog foods and treats with added Omega 3 such as the Billy + Margot Beef Liver Bites.


If your dog is prone to dry skin, then a natural balm is a must-have product. The all natural Wild Dog Co Skin Relief Balm is perfect for a number of issues including dry skin, insect bites and minor cuts and scrapes.


Minor Wounds

To clean a minor wound you could use a 50-50 mix of green tea and water and apply with a gauze pad. Green tea contains anti-septic properties and so will help stop infection.


Leucillin antiseptic spray is an unbeatable natural anti-septic spray used by animal professionals. Containing Hypochlorous which is a neutral chemical found naturally in the body. It is 100% pet safe having been specially formulated for all animals and kills up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria. It is safe to be used on all sensitive areas and is harmless if ingested when used on domestic pets.



Wildwash paw balm  Wild dog co nose balm

Sore Paws

WildWash’s Healing Paw Balm is the perfect antidote for cracked, dry or rough paws. A 100% natural balm containing Almond Oil, frankincense and Kanuka, it is great in adverse weather conditions, both hot and cold – affording protection against hot pavements and ice and salt.


Minor Sunburn or Hot Spots

If your dog’s skin becomes reddened from the sun then aloe vera gel, with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, is the perfect natural skin soother. Do beware of the white sap from the aloe vera plant and always ask your vet before using any commercial aloe vera creams.


Dry Nose

If you have a dog prone to a dry nose such as a pug or Frenchie, then a nose balm is an essential item. The Wild Dog Co Nose Balm is all natural, containing a mixture of calendula, Seabuckthorn extract and essential oils to help sooth and soften dry noses. Wonderfully moisturising and nourishing for the snout area and 100% safe to eat (we recommend applying after eating to give the balm chance to work before it can be licked off).


Anxious Pets

If your pet’s health worry is more psychological than physical, there are natural remedies to help. A nervous disposition in pets can be caused by all sorts of things such as loud noises, a new home or a change of routine. Our Pet Remedy range includes a number of products in both spray and diffuser form that will help anxious pets to relax. Containing a mixture of natural plant extracts and oils, the sprays can be used on bedding, soft furnishing, in the car or on the carpet.


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