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New Collaboration: Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors - Dog Collars & Accessories


A group of dogs wearing the new Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors collection of dog collars and accessories


We have long admired the work of Hiro + Wolf, having stocked their fabulous range of pet collars and matching accessories for a couple of years. The bright colours and wonderful prints that are inspired by co-founder Amy’s hand illustrations offer something entirely unique and eye catching. Printed cottons are teamed with luxury leather accents and strong metal fittings to create stylish dog collars that are also durable and practical. Alongside these collars there are a number of coordinating accessories, including leads, bandanas, bow ties and poop bags that come together to make stunning walking sets. Your dog really will be the most fashionable pup at the park bedecked in an H+W collar and accessories.


Now we are delighted to present our very own collaboration with Hiro + Wolf. We have teamed up to create a range of dog accessories that is inspired by both brands’ creative vision. The result is a capsule collection of three unique print designs across dog collars, bandanas, bow ties, harnesses and leads. Read on to discover more about each print in the range and the various items to choose from!


Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors   Hiro & Wolf x Lords & Labradors Stag Collection - dog collars and walking accessories


The Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labroadors Prints

Pheasant - The pheasant print was inspired by the beautiful plumage of the flighty countryside resident. Their feathers’ rich hues of green and gold were used in this stunning design and sit on a blue background. Both eye-catching and sophisticated, this is a design for the trend setters out there who like to make a fashion statement. The collars and leads in this range are accented with beautiful leather in a rich yellow ochre colour. The perfect design for rambles in town and countryside alike!


Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors Pheasant print   Two Dachshunds wear collars and a lead by Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors


Stag - This print is inspired by the regal highland stag and features antlers and thistles on a green background. The regal purple and green colour palette is simply stunning offering a fabulous option for dapper dogs. The collars and leads in this range have a deep racing green leather trim which creates a truly sophisticated look.


Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors Stag print   Labrador wearing the Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors Stag print collar and bow tie


Oak Leaf - Inspired by the oldest trees in the forest, this print features an illustrated design of leaves and acorns. The colour palette is made up of subtle neutral shades on a stylish orange background with accent green leaves.  Your pup will look oh-so-stylish on their walks in the park or wherever else your adventures may take you!


Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors Stag print   Greyhound wears a Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors dog collar and bandana


The Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors Accessories

The Dog Collars - Hiro + Wolf dog collars fuse style with practicality and durability. The printed cotton fabrics are wrapped around super tough webbing and stitched with tough nylon to create a strong dog collar that will last. They are trimmed with thick vegetable tanned leather and finished with really strong metal buckles and fittings for a premium quality finish. There’s a D-ring too, so that you can attach your dog’s lead, ID tag or a collar charm.  They come in 5 sizes, from XS to XL, to fit dogs from tiny Chihuahuas up to German Shepherds and similar sized breeds.



Hiro + Wolf x Lords & Labradors Stag print collar  H+W x L&L Oak Leaf print dog collar  H+W x L&L Pheasant print dog collar


The Dog Leads - The Hiro + Wolf dog leads have the same super strong build as the dog collars with durable webbed backing and Nylon sitting. The strong lobster claw clip sits on a leather trim that matches the corresponding collar. The large, looped handle of the lead is comfortable to hold and there’s a D-ring that sits at the base of it so you can clip your poo bag pouch or other walking necessity to it for your daily dog walk.


H+W x L&L Dog Lead in Stag print   H+W x L&L Dog Lead in Oak Leaf print  H+W x L&L Dog lead in Pheasant print


The Dog Harnesses - The Hiro +Wolf dog harnesses have been made to help distribute weight across the body when walking on a lead, for the best comfort and control. They feature a lightly padded chest plate and fully adjustable straps to help give the best fit possible. They come in 2 sizes and are best suited to toy, small and medium breed dogs.


Labrador wearing the H+W x L&L Harness  H+W x L&L Harness in Oak Leaf  H+W x L&L Dog harness in Oak Leaf print


The Bow Ties & Bandanas - The bow ties and bandanas will add the perfect finishing touch to your dog’s collar on those occasions when they want to look their very best. Both are handmade in fabrics to match the rest of the collection and simply loop on on to your dog’s collar.  Perfect for puppy parties, days out and other occasion when style is high on the agenda!


Labrador wearing the H+W x L&L Dog Bow Tie in Stag   H+W x L&L Oak Leaf print dog bow tie  Miniature dachshund wearing the H+W x L&L Bow tie in the Pheasant print


Whichever items you choose, and in whichever print, we think you will love this new collaboration as much as we do. All of the pieces look fabulous, whilst being super practical too. Dog walks have never looked as stylish as they will when your pup steps out in one of these walking sets!

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