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To Neuter Your cat or Not to Neuter your Cat?


To Neuter Your cat or Not to Neuter your Cat?

When faced with the decision of whether to neuter their cat, some owners find themselves unsure as to which choice is the correct one. Some owners feel as though removing their male cat’s testicles will result in them becoming a completely different animal to the one they know and love. While many animals have different experiences with the results of neutering, they do tend to be the same most of the time. In this article, we look at the benefits of having your cat neutered, as well as the disadvantages – helping you to make a better and more informed decision.


The Benefits of Neutering Your Cat

The Risk of Pregnancy is Removed

Cat overpopulation is a real issue, and one that rescue centres find themselves overwhelmed by every day. Even if you own the male cat as opposed to the female one, you are equally responsible for keeping your pet away from intact members of the opposite sex.

If you have a female cat you are left burdened with the need to find the new litter of kittens a home. Can you do this? Will you be able to look after them all? This is how boxes of kittens end up in rivers or on the side of the road.


Clean and Calm

Neutering does help male cats to become calmer. They are far less likely to get into fights, although it won’t stop every cat. It tends to lower their aggression levels and make them calmer to be around without hindering their desire to play. It can also stop, or help to prevent, spraying around the home – which is not a nice experience for any cat owner.


Less Health Problems

When you neuter your cat, they are less at risk of specific health issues, such as testicular cancer in males. The risk of prostate problems is also greatly reduced. This can be a very beneficial aspect to neutering your cat, and one that should be taken into serious consideration. They are also much less likely to catch diseases from other cats.


The Disadvantages of Neutering Your Cat

It’s Permanent

The main thing you need to remember when you go to neuter your cat is that it is a permanent procedure. Once they have been neutered, they have been sterilised, and so they can no longer breed. For many owners, this is something that only sinks in later. But, it does mean you never have to worry about it again.


Appearance Changes

Some cats do end up with slight appearance changes after being neutered but this isn’t that common, it depends on what age a cat is neutered.


Weight Gain

Some cats will experience weight gain after being neutered. The desire to mate and seek another cat out can be incredibly strong and use up a great deal of energy as a result. Without this need to search, your cat may eat the same amount as usual but not burn any calories, resulting in the weight gain. So therefore, you will probably need to buy a little less food to counteract this.


The main reason you should neuter your cat is due to the incredibly large cat population. There are thousands of abandoned cats that are looking for homes, and thousands more that are stray, feral, and in need of medical treatment. By allowing your cats to breed, it can add to the problem, especially if you just allow them to roam outside where you cannot keep an eye on them. However, before you make any decisions, the pros and cons should be considered.

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